About © FOX WEB DESIGN 2011. For information or technical support, please call us on +44 (0) 56 0156 8932  FOX* Web Design is a new web design company that has been created to attend the needs of small  business and individuals.  Nowadays the Internet is one of the most powerful ways of communication. You can easily see a computer  connected to the wide world of the Internet just about anywhere. Restaurants, coffee shops, homes, petrol  stations and many more. But even with the Internet so at hand it seems so difficult and expensive to get a  website done. That's why FOX WEB DESIGN was created. We aim to provide great customer service and products to suit your budget. No  more paying ££££ for a website, no more dropping your C.V. down at the employment agencies and no more zipping or  attaching pictures to email's.  If you want a website for your business, make yourself known to potential employers or just want to show the pictures of your  last trip to your friends across the world, then you found the right people to do it with. Here at FOX we work side by side with  you to make sure all your wants and needs are met when getting your website done.  We, at FOX, have a young and well trained team ready to make your dream website come to life. So, don't waste anymore time  or money with those companies that think they are too big to offer adequate service to small businesses and individuals the way  they are supposed to. Time is money, so contact us with your requirements. We aim to answer all queries within 24hrs . No job is too big or too small.    "For a specialized service they are very helpful and quick to reply with any questions. I would gladly deal with them again in the future.” Doug Thomson